B. Mathis Smith

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Project #1

Currently, I am working day and night to publish a book of poems.

The project is divided into chapters to make up a whole.

I’m looking into self-publishing physical copies.

Protect #2

I will be getting back out there under those stage lights and playing music for everyone. Creating a roster of loved cover songs, I want to play around my home town and be an entertainer. With a deep voice, I’m more suited for country western music, but any cover song is a possibility like 70s, 80s, and 90s.

Coming soon …

Protect #3

“Wolves of the Southland”, a book I’m writing, is about generations of men who are family. The work will follow 5 different people who are in different eras of time. Overall, it’s about war and confliction within.

Protect #4

A second book of poems that reflect life as people know it.

I hope to succeed more with the second work more than the current work-in-progress.

Project #5

Four short horror stories collected into one book.

Project #6

I’m kicking around new ideas for a full-length novel; that’s what people want so why not. Not sure where to go as of yet, but definitely in the works. The idea I have had been sitting on the back burner for 10+ years. I’m very excited. I’m rusty, but I’m sure with some exercises, I’ll be back into the groove in no time.